Leadership Accelerator Program

for Rising Healthcare Managers

Stop the burnout-turnover cycle.
Keep your best players.

Develop savvy, confident managers who make your organization a place where people love to work and want to stay.

30% Off Early Enrollment for
January 2024 Cohort

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You know that feeling in your gut...

One of your most talented young leaders walks in your office with a sheet of paper in their hand and says, "Can we talk?"

You know what's coming.


You promoted them.

Sent them to training.

Thought they would be a natural for this role.

It seemed like they were doing fine!

And now they're resigning? Why?

Because trainings are focused on tactics and techniques.

True transformation doesn't happen in a one-day workshop.

Effective leadership transformation happens over time, with a guide, through experiential learning challenges, and with a supportive group of peers working together.

If you have emerging leaders you want to develop into confident, independent healthcare leaders who handle all the daily details without you and inspire their teams, enroll them today.

There's nothing wrong with training. But alone, it gets limited results.

Skip long-term leadership development, and here's what often happens:


Managers quietly think to themselves. "I don't even know why I'm in this job. I have no idea what I'm doing." But they aren't about to admit that to you or their team. The self-doubt and lack of a development plan leaves them wondering if they are in the right role. They don't get the sense of fulfillment they thought they would experience as a manager. And their teams experience turnover, too.


Training dollars rarely create a clear ROI. Not only are trainings becoming more and more expensive, but managers go, learn techniques, and then come back to the same environment that caused them to struggle before training. Meaningful change is rarely realized. And if these managers leave because they feel unsupported and uncertain, you have turnover costs, too.

ineffective results

A manager's greatest mission is to develop their teams into high-functioning, cohesive groups that get results and improve the organization. But without learning how to manage themselves and become leaders (rather than micromanagers), they can never get their heads above water. Managing is hard. Leading is inspiring. They deserve to experience the difference.

"Okay, you've got me thinking. But now what?"

Research shows that developing and investing your leaders builds immense loyalty to the organization.

But training doesn't cut it.

To make a true change, developing leaders need a long-term, safe, and supportive learning environment.

With this membership, you can enroll your managers in consistent, ongoing leadership development that gives them the long-term guidance and structured support needed to make the transition from managing to leading.

The best part?

A full year membership in this program is less expensive (and more effective) than most trainings or workshops. It also helps your managers build a network of like-minded high achievers to support their development and growth.

There's also no risk since you can cancel enrollment at any time.

As you know, there's a huge difference between managing (exhausting) and leading (inspiring).

Your talented managers deserve to experience the difference.

And you deserve to have managers who support and improve your results as a leader, too.

So how does it work?

hold your managers' slots in the program

Pay the initial membership fee to hold slots for your managers. Slots are limited. If you decide to enroll at least 3 team members, you can add a fourth manager at no additional cost. Pay in full today and you'll get an additional $60 off the total program fee.

carve out time for them to attend the bi-weekly calls

Your managers won't be successful in this program if they can't participate. But all you need to do is ensure they have the time carved out in their schedule to attend the 60-minute, bi-weekly calls. Your support in their participation is critical to their development.

watch your team transform from managers to leaders week by week

You'll see your managers' entire approach to leadership change, including their confidence, how they relate to their teams, their abilities to solve problems, and an intensive focus on organizational results.

So, what's the cost?

Transformational learning happens over time, so six months is the minimum commitment for this program.

  • Regular membership fee is $125/month per manager

  • Enroll your manager(s) in the program by December 16, and their membership fee is only $85/month (billed in six month increments)

  • Early enrollment rate will be locked in for the life of your manager's participation in the program.
    No increases EVER as long as they stay continuously enrolled.

  • Only 39 early enrollment seats remain.


  • Enroll three managers and a fourth manager's membership fee is waived for six months ($750 value)

  • Free Clifton Strengths Assessment and personalized report from Gallup

  • For every manager enrolled before December 16, a $100 donation will be made to the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation. This organization passionately supports nation-wide change that improves the health and wellbeing of the healthcare workforce.

Bonuses for Early Enrollment

Before December 16, 2023

30% off for new enrollments between now and Dec. 16

($420 value)

Enroll three team members, the fourth manager participates for 6 months at no cost ($750 value)

Free CliftonStrengths Assessment from Gallup
($59 value)

Enrollments after December 16 are billed at $125/month, no bonuses

My Quality Guarantee:

If you or your managers find this program UNAMAZING at any time, you can cancel.

No questions asked.


Wait, I hear you, finance person!
"What's the ROI?"

A single intensive training or workshop can easily exceed $1000 depending on the subject matter, training costs, travel costs, time away from the office, and more.

And we haven't even touched on turnover yet.

The actual cost of health care turnover varies, but studies suggest that it can run as high as 150% of the annual salary of mid-level employees.

If you have a mid-level manager, making $50,000 a year, the estimated cost of their turnover can top $75,000.

The cost for an entire year in this leader development membership is only $1020.

And it only costs two hours of their time per month - significantly less productivity loss than a multi-day training (the information from which they are most likely to forget anyway).

That's a small investment to support and retain the managers who are key to keeping your operation moving forward each day. In fact, research shows that managers become deeply loyal to the organizations that invest in their professional development.

And when you retain and grow amazing managers, your retain and grow an amazing team, too.

The cost of organizational turnover plummets when you invest training dollars in managers development. Because when they get better, their teams get better. And they stay.

How do I know my managers are a good fit for this program?

Good Fit Managers Are:

  • Interested in growing into senior leadership

  • At least 2 years into a leadership role

  • High performers/high potential

  • Highly accountable

  • Avid learners

  • Action takers

Managers Who Should Wait Are:

  • Less than 2 years into their first leadership role

  • Underperforming despite multiple interventions

  • On any kind of performance improvement plan

  • Uninterested in advanced leadership roles

  • Not pro-actively seeking professional development opportunities

You can help your talented managers shift from:

Self Doubt to Self Confident

Operations Focus to Strategic Focus

Overwhelmed to Organized

Fire-Fighting to Fire Preventing

What's the schedule for this virtual leadership program?

Six-Month Preview*

  • Jan 26: Onboarding Session

  • Feb. 9: Strengths Workshop

  • Feb. 23: Co-Design Session

  • March 8: Q&A Session

  • March 22: Training Session

  • April 5: Q&A Session

  • April 19: Training Session - Guest Expert

  • May 3: Q&A Session

  • May 17: Training Session

  • May 31: Q&A Session

  • June 14: Training Session - Guest Expert

  • June 28: Q&A Session

  • July 12: Training Session - Guest Expert

  • July 26: Program Eval & Continuation Plan

*Schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the group, but learning activities will occur every two weeks.

What's this Feb 23 "Co-Design" call all about?

Co-creation means the participating managers determine the content for future calls based on the most pressing issues of the group. This approach ensures they don't waste hours going through irrelevant and unhelpful content.

That means your investment in their growth goes directly toward solving the specific problems that are most frustrating and confusing for them today.

It also means your retention efforts start paying off today by helping them solve their most challenging issues as developing leaders.

guide & group facilitator

Amber Jordan, FQHC Chief Operating Officer
M.S. Organizational Leadership

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

I started in healthcare as a care coordinator/appointment scheduler and worked my way through many roles on my way to being a COO. I've experienced the unique challenges at every level of leadership from scheduler to manager, analyst, director, and executive.

Managing sucked the life out of me. I didn't love it. No one told me how hard it would be. I kept going to training after training, wondering when I would find the magic workshop that would make leadership easier.

And then I finally spent a year working with a coach who taught me how to lead people and help them reach their full potential. I learned things that training could never have taught me.

Leading was far less difficult and immensely more rewarding. Yes, leadership was still challenging, but in a different way. It didn't feel like micromanaging and "babysitting" anymore. My teams got better results, and then my team members grew and got promoted, too.

I can help your managers make this transition for themselves, helping you retain, support, and develop the leaders who are critical to your future success.

Hold your managers' slots in the program today.

Space is limited.

My Quality Guarantee:

If you or your managers find this program UNAMAZING at any time, you can cancel.

No questions asked.

You could keep sending your managers to training, but at what cost?

Continued turnover among managers at major expense to your bottom line and disruption to your operations

Poor ROI on training dollars and nothing show for it

You continue as the (exhausted) chief problem solver rather than your managers handling most issues

I'm interested, but I have questions, lady!


In the words of past partners...

"Amber is smart, inquisitive and passionate about adding value to whatever she peruses in life. Whether it is organizational improvement, everyday discovery and growth, or charitable giving, Amber is eager to make the world a better place. I have truly enjoyed working with her over the years."

James Spillane, CEO

Health IQ

"Amber has the unique ability to work with a broad range of people. She can coalesce a team to agree on a shared purpose and goals and work toward accomplishing them. She is a master facilitator and is able to guide a group deftly. Amber has a wide range of tools and group facilitation skills and is adept at knowing what approach meets the need of a group or team at the right time. In addition, Amber thinks strategically and applies her knowledge of what leadership needs and wants - with a special sense of timing that allows her to predict and meet client needs."

Jane Taylor, EdD
Healthcare CEO, Consultant, Improvement Advisor

"Amber is a natural leader grabbing the attention and respect of those around her. Her style is one of kindness and rock solid work ethic. She is able to communicate effectively with all levels and has the ability to turn roadblocks into opportunities."

Kerri Gillum, CPHRM
HIM and Risk Management Professional

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